HHA Online Course Testimonals

Jessica Mathis
I am a 38 year old Male From Florida The Experience Was Great, I Learned A Lot Of Things With The Patient Care, There's Nothing I Wouldn't Change This Is Perfect. Pretest Was On Point And I'm Really Proud Of Myself. 

Estilita Fernandez
My experience with you guys was very nice. It was quick and straight forward. I am a trained and certified emergency medical technician so I have taken many online tests similar to this one. This process was very easy-breezy. I live in Florida and am always looking for further my knowledge and education and I definitely did both with this program. Thank you

Jose Maidique
It has been a very important experience for me, that has helped me understand and acquire knowledge to care for patients, I live in the state of florida

Heather Leigh Beams
This experience has been very positive. The information and videos are thorough and most helpful. After reading the material, the videos help to reinforce the concepts taught. Thank you so very much.

Carmen Marrero
I am really excited for having the facility to complete this course since I have learnt so much. Your broad source of information and materials about nursing skills allowed me to get the ability of caring for a person with health issues in the proper way. The most useful way to understand the content was by means of videos as they gave me visual information. I feel thankful because you gave the possibility of doing this course online without the struggle of being in person at any school.

Erika Whipkey

I like how after you read the lessons you take small quizzes. Helps me learn more! I did not dislike anything. I live in West Virginia. I was surprised how fast I took the entire certification.

Patricia Jean Wall

I had a very good experience with the HHA online course. Every lesson was very well taught and simple to understand. I was surprised that it was easy for me as a first time student taking this course to be able to understand it without having difficult medical terms that I would not be able to understand. It was very computer friendly, hopefully and especially when submitting my exam answers. It was very informative as far as the legal and ethical aspects of treating someone. Especially while doing CPR and first aid. My mother is in a nursing home and I now know some of the daily procedures the nurses do to ensure that she is being well taken care of. I'm sure that I will be able to give someone the excellent care they need as a CHHA. I live in Rhode Island. Thank you.

Renee M. Phillips

This was a very informational course. As I am a Medical Assistant, there are a lot of aspects for HHA's I ws not aware of. This was a very informative course and it will be very helpful in my continued career as an HHA. I live in the state of Florida. 

Maibelis Llaugert Paez

My name is Maibelis Llaugert and I live in Tampa, Florida. The course is very good and instructive because it offers the possibility that people who know the subject can deepen their knowledge, and people who have not worked in this area can learn new things. The price was what I first call my attention because it is difficult to find courses of good quality at this price. All the documentation is well explained and the use of the videos make the course more interactive. I want to thank all those who make this course possible by allowing more people to access this literature and that a greater number of people can deepen their knowledge. In the future I will continue to buy other courses with you and refer you to other people. Thank you

Taloria Jones

The course was really easy and convenient for me. There was no rush, I could study at my own time and pace. The lessons where good, which was really great! Thank you for this opportunity. And I live in Texas.

Marisleydis Martinez Jimenez
when I saw this course I thought about the importance of obtaining the certificate of HHA and I decided to start it without knowing how interesting it would be. I live in florida and I am a HHA in an institution for the elderly and for me it was a very positive experience. the knowledge imparted is good and helped me to understand many new things about working with patients. The content of the program in general is excellent and my surprise was to have found them online for such an innovative purpose to give people the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and can do a good job.

Juanita Cathey
I had no problem understanding the book and was able to answer questions promptly.how good every subject was explained.I am from California

Deborah Ringer
I found this experience very stress free. It was easy to understand and convenient that I could do it in my time. I liked that I could go back and reread things that I missed. Everything was worded that I understood the meaning. Since I'm not a medical person yet. The big medical terms weren't used. Thank you! The questions on the practice tests, quizzes, instructions, and final test were to the point and weren't trying to trick me into overthinking or second guessing myself. I will recommend this course to any family members or friends looking into a career in HHA or CNA. I was surprise by the time it did't take me to do this. 

Farzana Tasnim

Thank you for the opportunity to take the HHA course online. My mother has no time to take me to school. This was a lifesaver. Thank you so much and will recommend!

Chanice Brown
What I do like and appreciate is the fact that this was a cheaper and faster way for me to achieve my certification without spending so much money. It’s very convenient for me and I don’t have to leave the comfort of my own home. I live in the state of Florida. I was most surprised at the fact that this was definitely easier than what I made it seem like and was cheaper and faster than taking the course in an actual classroom setting.

Shirley Seohanes

The program was easy to understand and helped me tremendously with my work.

Matthew Schilla

My experience was good I liked the videos and it was very easy to understand. I feel that the way the course topics were separated into different sections was great. I thought it was easy to get through. I do wish that there were more audio reading options. I feel that I have learned a life skill and feel very informed and confident to start my career path as a home health aid thanks to this course. I will be more then happy to refer this course to my friends. Thank you for providing this. I am from Ohio and in my town there is not a lot opportunities for a good career. I'm excited to be able to help the people in my community and my loved ones

Yessica Quintana

Hello. This course is good. I got a good experience out of the website. It was very helpful and educational. I learned how to care for the patient. I was by all the different ways to perform first aid. Thanks very much.

Schniaya Oloruntola

I had a very good experience learning how to help the elderly, while keeping myself safe as well as the client. I was pretty surprised to learn about how extensive the process is in assisting the client with transferring from a wheel chair. There was a lot of precautions you have to take before moving the client as well as in moving the client. I also was surprised to know that you only use two fingers when compressing an infants chest in CPR. This course was very helpful as well as up to date.

Francisca Sholan

My experience taking this test with all the knowledge that was provided for me. I like learning and reading by myself. This test was so much easier than going to class. One great thing was that I was able to still work and didn't have to take any time off. Also that I didn't have to use any of my PTO time or lose any pay. I would tell anyone that would ask me where and how to take HHA test I would absolutely give them this website. Thank you for creating this website for people like me be able to get the knowledge and learn on home health to take care people which I really like to do. 

Bethany Lunsford

At first I had a little trouble maneuvering through the website. After I figured it out, I enjoyed the course and I loved how convenient it was to get this extra education under my belt! I would definitely recommend this course to my working friends and co-workers. This is by far the most convenient way to gain knowledge in this field. It was quick and easy and it taught me everything I need to know to become a great home health aide. I am so excited to start this new venture in the home health field. I currently work at an assisted living facility but wanted the ability to work on a more one on one basis with this type of clientele.

Natalie Fiallo

 I liked how all the information was easy to understand. i also loved the videos, they helped me really remember the context. 

Teresita M. Sombillo

I have a good experience learning & educating myself as a HHA. It is highly recommended. I live in California. 

Tynezia Mcfarland

My experience with NCO was great a lot more effective than I thought it would be. I also learned a few new thing along the way such as learning how the stethescope works, ROMS, and dressing the weak arm first.

Lakedra Orr

My experience with this online training was a good. I did online courses in the past and was very overwhelmed. But taking this course was a lot better than my past experience. I learned a lot of things I was unaware of and refreshed on things I learned in the past. I have been doing home health for a year now. I will be more than happy to recommend this course to anyone interested in the Home Health Aide field. 

Anita Markovski 

I liked the program because it was very informative and educational. I can not think of anything that i dislike about it. The big surprise was how much health care has changed and stay the same at the same time. As a busy mother of a small child the program was easy to follow . I hope and I will pray that I will pass the exam.l live in state of Ohio.... thank you so much!

Berta A Garcia

I really enjoyed the course because everything is well explained. The videos are very instructive and help to understand and put into practice the whole theory of the course. In the future I will buy the other courses they offer because I want to continue my education. The price of the courses is adequate so that many more people can access this course. I would like if you could sell all the content of the course in a book that can be bought in addition to the course because in this way we can all access the book after the year. Lastly I want to thank all the people who have made this course possible by allowing the education of more people.

Brooke Gelfont

I enjoyed my experience learning more in the health industry in becoming a HHA/ CNA. All the lesson where so helpful in my learning process. I was most surprised on the fire safety section where there are many fire extinguishers.

Carmen Bejerano

I have a great experience and it help me a lot with my job.

Ivy Ross

I learned a lot from your course and feel confident to begin my job. 

Felicia Irene Burke

I have learned a lot and feel confident in performing theses tasks on an everyday basis for a career in this field.

Jose Camierez

This course is convenient for full time employees who need to demonstrate their fund of knowledge in a time sensible manner. Questions included in this course cover major aspects regarding patient care, basic information is also covered that assists caregivers in providing quality of care to their patients. This exam provides thorough explanation of concepts and information being questioned. Information is accessible to all caregivers trying to expand their certification requirements. This website is of easy access, self explanatory and price is adequate for the certification material that is being offered. Material is educational, to the point and easy to understand.

Aila Shehu

I enjoyed having the information right in front of me to learn, and easy to understand and answer questions!

Eduardo Norberto Danza

I've enjoyed getting new knowledge and reinforcing some other basic concepts that I had already learnt. I believe it's given me more tools in order to have the best attitude and behaviors so as to provide the clients with the best possible treatment and make them feel confident in our service and also taken care of and loved. I've found the different lessons and modules easy to understand and the CHHA practice exam very helpful. I find the way lessons are shown easy to follow and grasp main concepts. I feel more motivated and consider I have met my expectations.

Alexis LaGreca-Morales

My experience with you this online certificate and training went well. Your course did not take me long and it was not too hard. I liked that you guys had a lot of videos. Some people learn better by watching instead of reading. It helped to understand the material a lot easier. I live in Florida. I was suprised at how fast it took me to finish this course. I thought it would take weeks or months, I was never aware that to get your Home Health Aide Certification, you just had to take a course online. I was surprised to learn things I never knew, for example how to change a bed linen with a patient in it or what an average blood pressure was. Thank you.

Catrina M Cady

I enjoyed this online course. I found it very helpful in helping me brush up on my skills. You gave tons of information for us to be more that prepared. I found it easy to navigate and affordable. Thanks.

Raymond H Bauer

This course was very detailed and exact. I liked the video examples because they illustrated the step by step instructions.

Meghan E Sheehan

I liked that I could do the studying at my leisure between work and home.

Genarria Brown

I like how you guys had every detail and video on there that will help you become a wonderful hha. I really like how I learned a lot on here with my own learning time.

Linda Joyce Howsrd

I liked that the courses was not too hard and it was easy to understand. In addition,I don't have any dislikes all the answers were there. I was surprised about how easy the courses was and the length of time that I had. Furthermore,I can work at my own pace.

Aminate Asong

I had an awesome experience with this program especially the fact that I was studying online for the first time. I like the way my mail was return to me the first time I had problem signing inn. the program is well organize and explicit and also easy to understand. I live in Delaware, Newark and I have spent just six months in America. I need this Certificate to be able to start working and as the beginning of my career. I look forward to do CNA and other subsequent courses online with this Agency. 

Melissa Harty

This is my first experience in the health care field. I feel as if this program helped me learn a lot about assisting with the needs of a patient. I liked how the program was separated into the different sections, as it made the note taking process a lot easier. Living in Florida as I do, there is a big need for nurses aids and home health care providers because of the rapidly growing number of elderly in the state. I was surprised to learn how important it truly is to have the client preform a range of motion exercises daily. From applying a bladder for taking a patients blood pressure to assisting a patient with a bed pan this training program was very informational as well as educational.